Give website visitors a better way to communicate with you for improved sales and service

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen buyer behavior shift dramatically, both for B2B and B2C.

Customers who are forced to stay at home are spending tremendous amounts of time online and are in buying mode for products and services they need quickly.


Their ability to engage with you through your website is critical - if you rely on them calling or visiting your business you have lost the urgent buyer.

A Harvard Business Review study found that companies failing to engage a prospect that has filled out an online form?within 5 minutes?see a substantially reduced opportunity to convert that prospect into a customer.

Because the average buyer is easily distracted, you have a short window to capitalize on their peaked interest.

Enter?LiveChat , a website-based chat application, that leverages your team and website’s capabilities to meet the demands of today’s customer - even if your customer will ultimately purchase from you through an offline transaction.


When a prospect reaches your website, they are already highly qualified, because they found you online and have browsed your online presence. Now the customer is at your virtual front door and ready to ask questions. The problem is that many businesses only offer two options:

  1. Call and speak to someone - who may not be available
  2. Fill out a web form - and wait for a reply

By limiting the outreach to these two options, businesses aren’t serving the customer's need for immediate information, and possibly, an aversion to phone calls.

A recent study 53% of customers prefer to use online chat before calling a company for support. (Harris Research).

Prospects and customers want answers now!


Giving prospects and customers the option to communicate via live chat goes a long way toward boosting their engagement with your company. It’s convenient, unobtrusive and provides immediate gratification.

Installing Live Chat on your website gives users an easy way to make contact.?LiveChat is also ideal for email address collection, appointment booking, customer service and lead nurturing.

Website-based chat applications are easy to manage and in many cases an expectation for customer-centric businesses.

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