Aside from being a cool number, 2020 brings the opportunity for you to make an impact on your marketing to deliver what your business needs - more leads, customers and sales entering a new decade of success for your enterprise.

When you’re marketing in 2020, make sure your marketing is not stuck in 2010.

Much has changed in the past ten years including your prospects and customers. They have more information to make smart decisions and their expectations are higher.

If this is the online picture your prosepects see_ you have a probnlem

By the time a consumer or a business reaches out, they already know much about you, your products and services.

Your website, social media presence, email newsletters and online reviews should paint a picture of what you do, how well you do it and how that prospect’s needs will be met by your business.

When they reach out to you, there is a good chance they are partially “sold” on your products or services. That’s what you want!

Is Your Marketing Ready for 2020?

Good Company Image

Consider how you present yourself online. Is it the image you want to portray?

Be found - if the market does not know you exist, you...don’t exist

  • Is your website indexed by Google?
  • Do you rank organically?
  • Are you using Google Ads?
  • Is direct mail part of your acquisition plan?
  • Do you regularly issue press releases?
  • Is social media advertising driving leads?
  • Do you consistently get online reviews?
  • Does your logo inspire confidence?

Capture leads on your website - otherwise, it’s just an online brochure

  • Do you have a contact form?
  • Are you offering something of value in return for an email address?
  • Can prospects easily schedule calls with you?
  • Can prospects chat online with your company?

Stay in touch with your prospects and customers - remind these people about your business

  • Do you send a regular newsletter?
  • Is your CRM structured to remind you to reach out to prospects and customers?
  • Do you participate in events?
  • Does your company offer promotions?

If not, you need to update your plan for 2020.

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