What does it mean to be customer-centric? We preach that all of your marketing should be about the customer and the benefits they can get from your business. It’s all about?them?.

A dentist office updating their website, may want to write that they have highly trained assistants, the latest equipment, and a comforting office.

But, what’s in it for the patient with this information? Why do they care?

What you want to convey is that your patients are in good hands,?because?of your staff’s training, latest equipment and relaxing environment.

It’s all about the benefits to the user, not just your business’ features?.


Seat belts are the car's features. The benefit of the seat belts is that they will save your daughter's life.

The benefit is what gives the buyer the emotional "reasoning" to make the purchase.

How can these features benefit my customers?

There is an important distinction between features and benefits. Any business has features that can set it apart from the competition—often industry specific tools, certifications and experience.

Now think: “how can these features benefit my customers?” In turn, this helps you understand your business from your customers’ perspective.

In other words, the features of your product or service are simply a statement, while the benefit is what those features can do for the customer.

Another way to look at features vs. benefits is to think of the results the features provide .

If your service saves time, the result is that the user will get more time back in their day.


If you provide tax services, your client’s taxes are done correctly and save her a huge amount time. The benefit is accuracy and timeliness.

Good messaging means telling your customer WHY the features of your business will improve THEIR life .

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